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  • Federal Reserve Act in 1913-The Greatest "Con"
    America Has Ever Seen

    Federal Reserve Act in 1913-The Greatest "Con" America Has Ever Seen

    The United States Is Headed For The Most Devastating Financial Meltdown Any Nation Has EVER Seen!

    In this urgent, time-sensitive warning...

    What the BUREACRATS and Big Banking Fat Cats

    Don't Want You to Know:

    Why President Obama's bailouts will only delay the impending collapse—and why that's the good news!

    How the single greatest case of criminal fraud ever perpetrated against the American people IS STILL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW...

    How the single greatest case of criminal fraud ever perpetrated against the American people IS STILL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW...

    The ONLY REAL WAY To Make It Out Of The Coming Financial Meltdown With Your Health, Wealth And Savings Intact!

    But before I do that, you need to know why we're all in such danger as Americans. And you must know how one virtually unknown name was able to warn us about so much of what's happening today.

    Only when you understand the true nature of the problem, will you be in the position to safeguard your income, your savings and your family's financial future.

    Look, I don't need to tell you times are tough. If you've been watching the news at all, you already know that:

    Inflation is spreading like an infectious disease... contributing to the greatest deficit the United States has ever seen (and projected to hit $13 TRILLION over the next decade)...

    Unemployment is rampant... at the start of the recession an average of 1,000 workers lost their paychecks every workday. Just one short year later—28,727 paychecks vanished per workday—nearly 29 times more. And today the unemployment rate is holding strong at a whopping 10%. And if you count the rate of the underemployed—those folks who've either given up looking for work or are working less than they'd like—the true unemployment rate is closer to 20%!

    Even those paid to sell us "hope"—like the President and his staff—have alluded to the fact that there will be no easy fix for America's current economic problems. Obama's advisors have warned that the unemployment rate could stay near 10% for some time and even then many of the jobs lost might never come back.
    If he's right, more than 15 million workers will be without a job—more than during the depths of The Great Depression!

    In a way, the audio seminar I'm about to send you—Money: The Single Greatest Lie In American History—told us this would happen. It warned of the progressing demise of our "paper dollars"—and how our labor would be exchanged for less and less value over time.

    It warned that there would come a day when massive amounts of jobs would be lost... all confidence in the dollar evaporated... and eventually our economy would collapse.

    Now, other leading experts are forecasting much the same. For instance, according to top economic trend researcher, Gerald Celente—a man who's been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNBC, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and many more...

    The U.S. Is Staring Directly At The
    Greatest Economic Crisis In Its History!

    Celente recently told Fox News that by 2012, he believes America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.

    Impossible? An exaggeration? Well, this is coming from the same man who successfully predicted the 1987 Stock Market Crash, the Fall of the Soviet Union, the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis and much more.

    Continued below...
    "When CNN wants to know about the Top Trends, we ask Gerald Celente."—CNN Headline News

    "Gerald Celente has a knack for getting the zeitgeist right."—USA Today

    "There's not a better trend forecaster than Gerald Celente. The man knows what he's talking about."—CNBC

    "Those who take their predictions seriously... consider Celente's Trends Research Institute."—The Wall Street Journal

    Hopefully he's wrong. But even Jeff Rubin, chief economist and strategist at CIBC World Markets, believes our economy is in trouble.

    He compared America's coming inflation crisis to that of Argentina in the late 1980s and Zimbabwe today. And if you know anything about what Argentina looked like after their crisis, you know that’s one scary scenario he's talking about.

    Now what if guys like Rubin and Celente are right? What if in the words of President Obama—the economy has to get much "worse before it gets better?"

    Well, I'll tell you: It means there's simply NO time to waste...

    You Must Take Steps Right Now To Safeguard
    Whatever Wealth, Savings And Income You Still Have Left!

    This long lost seminar reveals why the current financial system is a house of cards poised to collapse. You will not find this in stores or anywhere on the web. But we'd like to send you your very own unreleased copy of the groundbreaking audio seminar Money: The Single Greatest Lie in American History. Your set includes six audio CDs plus a printed transcript to help you follow along… it's a $249.95 value, but it's yours FREE!

    Within the last 24 months alone, you and I have already witnessed a LOT of turmoil...
    The deepest stock market decline since 1931...

    The most significant real estate bust on record...

    The largest corporate financial failures of all time...
    You've seen America's most powerful corporate executives forecasting disaster, confessing that they're going bankrupt, begging Congress for massive bailouts.

    You've seen our government take gigantic, radical steps to end the crisis... only to be slammed by even larger disasters soon thereafter.

    Bear Sterns... Lehman Brothers... AIG... Fannie Mae... Citigroup... General Motors... and others falling apart... all while we're forced to sit back and watch in horror.

    With the nation's largest banks in a new tailspin, and the Federal deficit on its way to $2 trillion—it's hard to deny...

    The Handwriting Is On The Wall.
    You Can Either Bury Your Head In The Sand,
    Or HEED The Sober Warning Merrill Jenkins
    Gave Us More Than 39 Years Ago!

    Hey, I'm honestly NOT trying to scare you. One of the reasons I'm writing you today is because I believe there IS a solution to all of this!

    A solution for our country—and a solution for us as individuals.

    But the solution will only make sense once you understand the cause.

    You see, you've been lied to.

    And only the truth will set you free.

    As your FREE copy of Money: The Single Greatest Lie In American History will show you... the trouble all started a little more than 200 years ago, when an elite group of central bankers began "naming" money.

    It's a riveting tale of conspiracy, power and injustice that may seem suspiciously simple at first, but makes perfect sense in the end.

    The story begins in the 1770s, when our nation was first created. At this time, and through much of its greatest years of expansion, gold and silver were used as universally valued and tradable currency. Their value was well known and exchanged at prices based on their weight and fineness.

    But then—for reasons that will become clear in a moment—bankers began using the term "dollars" to refer to gold and silver coins of a specific size and weight.

    For example, in 1794, a silver coin (weight and fineness specified) was first minted and called a "dollar." In 1837, the weight fixed at 412.5 grains .900 fine silver was called a "dollar."

    ...From 1849-1890, a gold coin 25.8 grains .900 fine gold was called a "dollar."

    Seems like an innocent act, right? Yet...

    This One Little "Name Change" Altered The
    Entire Course Of American History!

    Why? Well, eventually there came a point when it no longer was convenient to carry around heavy gold and silver coins.

    So paper certificates were issued—which took a variety of forms, and eventually the paper dollar bill in the 1860s—which was redeemable paper money that could be exchanged for gold and silver coins at any time. (With the only exception being the years of the Civil War.)

    As the expression goes, these certificates were "as good as gold"—because they were in fact backed by gold.

    At that time, confidence in the currency was as high as can be, because there was no question about its value. If you owned a paper money certificate, you could walk into a bank at any time and redeem it for its full value in gold or silver.

    The economy was also virtually free of inflation, and any time the banks attempted to issue a currency that was not "backed" by gold or silver—something called Gresham's Law came into effect. Which meant that the "bad money" (unbacked) was exposed, there was a "run" on the banks... the unscrupulous banks would fail and the economy returned back to normal.

    Unfortunately, this was bad, bad, bad for the banks!

    Why? Because it is much harder for them to profit if they had to actually "back" the dollars they created with gold or silver!

    Nope. This simply would not do. They needed a change.

    So in one of the most corrupt events in our nation's history, they convinced the people that these bank runs were threatening their financial welfare—and that a central bank (with the power to create and regulate money) was necessary.

    Thus they persuaded Congress to introduce the Federal Reserve Act in 1913—which created the Federal Reserve—and granted it, along with the U.S. Treasury, sole power over the money supply.

    This Set Up The Greatest "Con" America Has Ever
    Seen—Because It Allowed Good Money To Be Mixed With Bad!

    This long lost seminar reveals why the current financial system is a house of cards poised to collapse. You will not find this in stores or anywhere on the web. But we'd like to send you your very own unreleased copy of the groundbreaking audio seminar Money: The Single Greatest Lie in American History. Your set includes six audio CDs plus a printed transcript to help you follow along… it's a $249.95 value, but it's yours FREE!

    You see, the banks were smart enough to know they could not immediately switch us over to unredeemable dollars. It had failed in all previous attempts before this.

    But they understood if they created a central banking authority—under the mask of "helping the people"—with the power to create money, it changed the game entirely.

    At this point, the Federal Reserve (a collection of private banks) began to issue unredeemable "legal tender." This meant—by law—the money they created MUST be accepted as forms of payment, despite not being backed by gold or silver.

    Worse yet, this "bad money" was mixed in with the genuinely redeemable "real" money that was previously in circulation.

    Starting to see the nature of the conspiracy? When unbacked money was called "dollars"—in the exact same way as backed money was... and the people were forced by law to treat them equally...

    ...It set the stage for the complete REMOVAL of all backed currency!

    It is for this reason that Merrill Jenkins, the author of Money: The Single Greatest Lie In American History, considered "money" (unbacked currency) the expropriation of wealth.

    Consider the facts: In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt issued an edict that recalled virtually all gold in the U.S.—and forbade Americans from owning it for investment or speculative purposes.

    Eventually, coins that used to be 90% to 97% gold or silver were quietly reduced to 3% (with the other 97% being valueless metals like copper and nickel).

    Yet, they were considered to be worth the same amount of "money!"

    In 1965, silver redemption was completely repudiated. And on August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon declared the dollar completely unredeemable in gold—a declaration that instantly rocketed all dollars everywhere into instant 100% inflation.

    Continued below...
    Merrill Jenkins, THE MONETARY REALIST

    Merrill M. E. Jenkins Sr., M. R., was a brilliant scientist who spent more than 20 years of effort devoted to the creation of electro mechanical devices used by the Automatic Vending Industry for the detection and rejection of counterfeit coin and paper currency.

    Yet that was before he discovered the fallacies of U.S. paper and metal tokens.

    Beginning in June 1968, he started to devote almost all his time alerting the U.S. population of the most unbelievable world monetary upheaval that is inevitable in our future.

    His first book, "Money," The Greatest Hoax on Earth is just that—a complete, extremely detailed expose and alert, for those who desire a scientifically accurate, in depth, knowledge of "MONEY"—what it is and isn't. And especially how we, the American Public, have been deceived. His message is so valuable that his used, out-of-print books sell for as much as $200 on Amazon… if you can find them.

    Despite writing three other controversial books on the subject... and despite writing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), requesting return of all "income tax" collected from him since 1968... Merrill Jenkins never wished to create trouble for the U.S. HOWEVER it was all he could see in store, if the U.S. did not return immediately to operating within the parameters of the Constitution.

    Mr. Jenkins always called himself a Constitution Conservation Consultant and even registered himself with the proper agency of government as THE MONETARY REALIST.

    Money: The Single Greatest Lie In American History is his most defining work—a six-CD audio seminar and printed transcript that could indeed save our country and our own individual economic futures.

    Money: The Single Greatest Lie In American History is a $249.95 value, so keep reading because I want to send it to you FREE!

    The World Has Yet To See The
    Significance Of This Change... But You Will,
    And Hopefully Before It's Too Late!

    So what does this have to do with our present day economy?

    Well, it's just plain old common sense. When you have a central entity (the Fed, which is actually a private organization made to look like an arm of the government) that is able to "print" money without any labor or collateral... the consequences are dire indeed.

    In fact, Jenkins explained it best using something he calls the "bad check principle"—which is quite illuminating:

    Just as every bad check must at some point be exposed, there will come a day when the dollar is exposed for what it is... unredeemable and worthless.

    Sometimes it is stated by the government that the dollar is backed by the full faith and credit of the government, the Gross National Product (GNP). If thought were applied to the use of the word "backed" it would lead to the remembrance that the dollar used to be backed by gold and silver; then backed was used to express redemption.

    Yet if "backed" means "redemption" then where is the GNP stored that is held in reserve for the redemption of "dollars?" There isn't any! Then the dollar is not "backed!"

    The dollars of today are only accepted as purchasing units because of the confidence that people have based on residual memory of their past worth in redemption. When the "bad check" nature of dollars is exposed their purchasing power will all but disappear.

    To expand on this thought, he would typically walk his readers through an eye-opening hypothetical scenario based on the way the U.S. money supply actually works.

    Understand This—And You'll See Why The
    U.S. Dollar Is Ultimately Destined To Collapse!

    To clearly comprehend the demise of the dollar and the inevitable collapse of our economy, just imagine the chilling make-believe scenario Jenkins describes below...

    The situation begins like this: You have no money in the bank—but you DO have a checking account. And so you decide that you want to give yourself spending money in the amount of $25 a day.

    With this in mind, you begin by writing a check to yourself and then you go to a local bank and cash the check. That's your first $25. You spend the money as you wish.

    The next day, you go to another bank and write a check for $50—$25 for spending and then $25 to send back to your bank to cover yesterday's check. Then the next day, it's $75. $25 to you, $50 back to your bank to cover your previous check. And on and on—every single day.

    As long as you keep covering the previous day's check, you can go on indefinitely like this. Without ever having worked for the money—without a single dollar in your account!

    Of course, the dangerous problem is that the numbers will quickly inflate—and soon you'll need to write checks worth thousands of dollars each day just to cover your tracks ($6,200 by the end of the first year).

    And it will start to become physically impossible to make that many trips to the bank.

    Which means that you will eventually be forced to stop... your original bad check will be exposed—and all checks written thereafter exposed, too.

    And Now The U.S. Economy Is In The SAME Situation...
    Forced To Account For Trillions Of "Bad Check" Dollars!

    This long lost seminar reveals why the current financial system is a house of cards poised to collapse. You will not find this in stores or anywhere on the web. But we'd like to send you your very own unreleased copy of the groundbreaking audio seminar Money: The Single Greatest Lie in American History. Your set includes six audio CDs plus a printed transcript to help you follow along… it's a $249.95 value, but it's yours FREE!

    Every day new banks are going under, financial institutions are failing, hedge funds are collapsing, bail outs are needed on a regular basis.

    And ultimately, it's all because of bad money.

    You see, the government is funded in one of two ways: They tax the people or they issue (sell) debt (T-bonds). Federal Reserve Notes are the currency of the realm. U.S. T-bonds "secure" Federal Reserve Notes. T-bonds are paid for with Federal Reserve Notes.

    Do you finally see the problem here? Just like our ridiculous check cashing scheme, debt is being used to secure debt. Credit is used to create more money and more debt, promises back promises.

    It is a vicious cycle.

    This is the primary cause of inflation and runaway debt. Since our currency lost all of its backing in the early 1970s, the U.S. has gone from the greatest lending nation in the world to the greatest debtor nation.

    Moreover, the value of the dollar has continued to sink—eroding our purchasing power.

    Worse yet, the crisis continues to feed upon itself. Faced with a weakened dollar, the consumer turns to credit to finance his life, make purchases and buy real estate.

    And up until this current crisis, the banks have been all too happy to oblige... because after all—issuing credit costs them nothing!

    But what happens when the consumer cannot afford to pay back all the money and interest he has borrowed?

    Well, you've SEEN what happens! You get a credit crunch... a wave of individual and corporate bankruptcies... and progressive losses in consumer spending, confidence and employment.

    This Runaway Train MUST Crash Sometime...
    It's Not Question Of "IF"
    It's Only A Question Of When!

    So given all this, what does our government and new President do in their attempt to solve the problem? You'd think something different, right?

    WRONG! The solutions now being proposed are the very cause of the problem!

    According to CIBC World Markets, the Obama administration will print money "at an unprecedented rate" to continue funding the economic stimulus package and address the growing Federal deficit.

    Clearly, you CANNOT rely on the government to protect you from the consequences of all this money creation and crisis.

    It's up to YOU to take the steps necessary to insulate your wealth, savings and future from this disaster.

    But with the government not to be trusted... what are we to do? Who are honest Americans like you and I to believe?

    Well, again—as Money: The Single Greatest Lie In American History will show you, the solution is deceptively simple. You see...

    Our Forefathers Were NOT Stupid.

    There's a reason why the Constitution states that gold and silver coin is money—and paper is not. Nowhere in the Constitution does it allow for paper money to circulate as the currency.

    As a matter of fact, the Constitution has a clause that clearly forbids bills of credit (paper money) from being used as legal tender between the states.

    When you look around and see all the financial problems occurring now—and how they are ultimately being caused by the fact that our money is unbacked paper debt-money... then you also see a big, big part of the solution.

    An unbacked paper monetary system can only do what we are witnessing—self-destruct, because the more of it that is issued the more it loses purchasing power. It is like a cancer that eats its host from within.

    But what about gold and silver? "Expert" sources will often tell us that they are unwise investments, or that their prices are volatile.

    Yet if history has taught us anything, it's that gold and silver are among the most stable, most reliable carriers of wealth ever discovered.

    Sure their prices may fluctuate slightly... but both precious metals have internationally recognized and accepted value no matter what happens to the dollar or the U.S. economy.

    Which makes them highly trustworthy, convenient insurance policies should the economy crumble as so many unbiased experts are predicting.
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