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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Pentagon 101: Show us the Boeing 757
by Victor Thorn




If a Boeing 757 really did hit the Pentagon, and the Bush administration wants everybody to be 100% assured that it did, why don’t they do two simple things:

        1) Show us the numerous videotapes that were         confiscated within minutes of the attack from the         Sheraton National Hotel, Jose Velasquez’ Citgo gas         station, and the Virginia Department of Transportation         (VDOT), along with all footage which was captured by a         plethora of cameras situated around the Pentagon.

        2) Better yet, after the government rescinded their original story that the 757 was         “vaporized” into thin air upon impact, they claimed to have most of the wreckage stored in a warehouse. Why not simply open the doors to this hangar and let everyone see the parts? Think how easy that would be.

But for some strange reason, no one from the U.S. government is stepping forward to squash all these pesky “conspiracy rumors” that Flight 77 never hit the Pentagon. Why? Think about it. The guilty parties responsible for carrying-out the 9-11 terror attacks are loathsome mass murderers of the worst kind. If they were found guilty of committing these crimes, the citizens of this nation would scream for their heads on a silver platter.

With this simple premise in mind, if Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorists were indeed behind the Pentagon attack (and not a cabal of bloodthirsty psychopaths within the U.S. government), don’t you think George Bush and his military brass would do everything in their power to PROVE it? This isn’t rocket science, folks. Wouldn’t they show us each and every confiscated videotape and say, “There, now you can see it with your own eyes – a Boeing 757 flying into the Pentagon.” To lend even more credence to their argument, they’d break-out every other video until there was such a preponderance of evidence that even the most hard-core conspiracy theorist would be convinced.

Or else they’d get Dan Rather, Bill O’Reilly, Wolf Blitzer, Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw – along with teams of cameramen – and parade them through this mysterious hangar filled with parts from Flight 77. Then we could see the evidence in full-color on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and Fox News.

But guess what. Despite how utterly simple this solution is, the government isn’t doing it. Why? Because they know the videos would show that a Boeing 757 DID NOT hit the Pentagon, and there is no warehouse filled with the legitimate wreckage from Flight 77.

It’s that simple; and if you disagree with this premise, ask yourself one question: how many mass-murderers want to be arrested and convicted for their crimes (especially one as notorious as 9-11)? The answer is: none of them would. So, if our government could undeniably prove their case once-and-for-all, they would do it in a heartbeat. But they can’t. Thus, everything else – including the PentaLawn, Hani Hanjour, the 18 foot impact hole and the lack of debris – is icing on the cake further proving their guilt.

In the end, I only have a few simple words to say to my government: show us the videos, and show us the hangar filled with wreckage. That’s not too much to ask from someone who is innocent, is it?