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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Close Informant & Friend Of Former FBI Agent 
John O'Neill, Killed on 9/11,Tells How FBI Higher-Ups
'Shut Him  Down' Letting 9/11 Happen
By Greg  Szymanski
A Seattle woman who was a close informant of former  FBI agent and Al Qaeda
hunter John O'Neill during the crucial months  prior to the 9/11, said they
both provided vital information in an  attempt to stop the attack but were
blocked by officials in the New York  and Washington bureaus every step of the way. 
The informant's earth shattering revelations and hard  evidence, including
names, dates, locations, motives and sordid dealings  of known terrorists, may
once and for end all speculation that the FBI  overtly tried to thwart
O'Neill's investigation, as well as even show  authorities worked closely, assisting
known terrorists in bringing about  9/11 as well as other previous terrorist
The detailed information, never released publicly and provided to the Arctic
Beacon and the American Free Press, clearly shows, according to the
informant, a plot in the FBI by O'Neill's boss, Tom Picard and others higher-up in
the chain of command to block O'Neill just when he may have been able to gum up
the works, mainly from contacts made by the Seattle informant with a major
Al Qaeda cell operating on the East Coast. 
Seattle veterinarian and long time friend and  informant of O'Neill, Janet
Parker, 53, said O'Neill was stopped by his  bosses only months prior to 9/11
from getting a wire tap on a major cell  leader, Shadrack Manyathella, who had
close ties with Ali Mohammad, a  suspected CIA double operative and Mohammad
Atta, the alleged 9/11 ring  leader. 
"His own bureau blocked him every step of the way, but  John wanted me to
bate Shadrack and get as much information as  possible," said Parker in an
extended telephone conversation from her  Seattle home this week, concerning several
telephone conversations with  the alleged terrorist thug in the months
preceding 9/11. 
"Shadrack was anxious to get me into his organization, since I was
considered a valuable asset as a veterinarian. Also, he wanted me to marry another one
of his friends named Mohammad, I think so he could get him citizenship
papers and a passport." 
During July 2001, O'Neill and Parker communicated numerous times, sharing
vital information and trying to determine the best way to uncover Shadrack's
plans, as O'Neil told Parker "something big was in the works and coming down
Although O'Neill was working non-stop, day and night,  to connect the dots
and pin down Shadrack and the intentions of other  terrorists, traveling back
and forth from Europe and Yemen about the USS  Cole bombing as well as trying to
stop future attacks. 
However, Parker said during this time O'Neill also  became very despondent
and depressed by the lack of cooperation he was  getting from FBI headquarters. 
Parker, who first became associated with O'Neill more  than 30 years ago in
other FBI-related investigations, said O'Neill had  even traveled to France,
deciding to work with French intelligence,  instead of his own bureau, since
they were more cooperative and Shadrack  often communicated to other terrorist
cells, located in all parts of the  world, in French. 
"You have to understand that John and I had known each  other for a long
time. We shared a lot of information, not only about  Shadrack, Al Qaeda and what
turned out to be 9/11, but also about the  Boston FBI scandal which I was
involved in, when various FBI agents were  jailed for corruption and about 19
informants like myself were brutally  murdered," said Parker, adding O'Neill
protected her identity in that  case and probably saved her life, allowing her to
run for her life and  start over again in Seattle. "I remember once when my
foster daughter  was visiting, I think in February, 2001, I overheard talk about 
airplanes and the World Trade Center
"But concerning John, he was ambitious and maybe that  was his downfall, but
he was also skilled, talented and completely  dedicated to stopping terrorism.
He did pressure me over the years and  put me in difficult spots, but I would
fight back at times, reminding  him I was only a volunteer. 
"However, since we both knew my inside connection with  Shadrack was
extremely important, concerning both the bombing of the USS  Cole off the coast of
Yemen and what turned out to be 9/11, I tried to  help any way I could until we
both realized we were working alone with  no assistance from higher-ups in the
Parker also sadly recalls during the crucial months  before 9/11, O'Neill
telling her that "someone higher-up" had blocked  attempts to wire tap Shadrack,
refused to let him return to Yemen,  mysteriously deleted all his files at FBI
New York headquarters and then  finally relegated him to a desk job, far away
from the front lines of  terrorism. 

"John was devastated when this happened, telling me  how frustrating it was
to know that something big was coming down but  not be able to do anything
about it due to lack of cooperation by his  own bureau," said Parker, adding
O'Neill told her in the later part of  July 2001 that he had already planned to
leave the FBI but was unsure of  his next move. 
"Although John would keep sensitive details from me  for ethical reasons and
also in order to protect my life, never  specifically mentioning names, I
think, as does his long time partner  Valerie James, it was his direct boss, Tom
Picard, who was acting on  orders from higher-ups, all of them together trying
to stifle John's  investigation. I am not really sure why but the only
conclusion I can  draw is that they wanted to let 9/11 play out and John and I were 
getting in the way." 
During the month of August 2001, Parker lost contact  with O'Neill, who
resigned under pressure in late August, taking a cushy  job handed to him on silver
platter as head of security at the World   Trade Center . According to Parker,
O'Neill never really wanted to leave  the FBI and would have preferred staying
in the intelligence field for  another agency, but was lured away to the WTC
job over money, being  offered $350,000 in comparison to his $100,000 FBI
What happened next is well-documented, as O'Neill was  killed inside the Twin
Towers on 9/11, after officially starting work on  Sept. 10, a coincidence
never been fully investigated but filled with  suspicion, some saying he was
set-up and others brushing his death aside  as mere coincidence.
"The last time I talked with John was Sept 8, 2001. He  wasn't with the FBI,
but was still somehow actively pursuing Shadrack  and Al Qaeda," said Parker.
"John was telling me all sorts of things. I  said I'd help him, but I also
remember asking him how much danger I was  in and if I even had to watch my back
from our own FBI. He never  mentioned anything about the World Trade Center
security job, but was  furious with me for allowing my foster daughter to fly
from the East  Coast to Seattle
"John had been closely monitoring her activities as  well, since she had
unwillingly gotten caught up with Shadrack and his  shady activities years ago.
John was furious since he lost track of her  on the East Coast, having no idea I
changed her flight date for the  early part of September. 
"I remember him saying that they were planning  something big soon and he was
angry because he was still watching my  foster daughter's movements closely.
At that time we decided to meet in  October at a remote place in the
Berkshires during an upcoming Boston   veterinarian conference I was attending so we
could talk strategy. This  was the last time I talked to John, but some strange
things happened  with my foster daughter while she was visiting me in Seattle
just days  before 9/11." 
And it was Parker's foster child, Patty, now 24,  originally sold as a sex
slave to Shadrack by her Vermont drug-running  brothers in the late 1990's that
provided Parker and O'Neill's main  connection to what she calls an Al Qaeda
cell heavily involved for years  in the planning of 9/11 and other terrorist

Although the story of Parker and her step daughter  involve a complicated web
of corruption starting in the mid 1990s on the  East Coast, including illegal
arms dealing, brutal killings of young  girls stolen from state-sponsored
foster care institutions, corruption  in the famous Boston FBI scandal,
connections to the Irish mob and  gangster Whitey Bulger and finally Shadrack's
terrorist cell, it was  originally problems surrounding Parker's foster daughter that
brought  the pair together again. 
After Parker and her foster daughter witnessed an arms  deal going down near
their country home in Hudson Falls, O'Neill  intervened to lend assistance in
the mid 1990's, although she did  communicate with him briefly in 1993
involving an upstate New York  investigation after first World Trade Center bombing. 
Parker first met O'Neill in 1975 when she worked in  Peru in the Peace Corps
and was airlifted from Lima back to Washington   D.C. during a coup attempt.
Afterwards, O'Neill, just getting started in  the FBI, took an interest in her
Peruvian experiences, interviewing her  at Penn State where she attended
school, beginning what turned out to be  a working relationship that lasted up until
O'Neill' untimely death at  Ground Zero in 2001. 
"I've been accused before of being John's lover, but  that's never been the
case," said Parker. "I lost track of John in 1975,  both of us getting married
and going our own separate ways." 
And it wasn't until 1987 that the paths of Parker and  O'Neil crossed again,
this time at Washington State University when  Parker was in the midst of
getting her veterinarian's degree and O'Neill  was investigating alleged terrorist
activity going on at the  university. 
"He asked for my help in getting photos for a sting  operation involving an
Iranian who was harassing me when I was teaching  English as a second
language," recalls Parker. "I got him to go to a  picnic where John took the photos and
it turned out he was on a  terrorist watch list. 
"John was involved in watching for domestic terrorism  and as a veterinarian,
I was close to animal rights' groups, who John  was investigating and who
were also putting pressure on Washington State   and especially targeting my
professor, Dr. Robert Speth. Together John  and I made a good team, attending
various animal rights' conferences and  trying to secure information." 
After graduating in 1991 and traveling to Hudson  Falls, NY, to practice
veterinary medicine on primarily cats and dogs,  it wasn't until 1993 that O'Neill
came calling again, this time asking  Parker for assistance in tracking a
local upstate New York Pakistani  woman, suspected of being involved in the 1993
first World Trade Center  bombings. 
"He asked for my help again, but this time it didn't  amount to much," said
Parker, recalling that O'Neill always approached  his work diligently, like a
true detective, always using inductive and  deductive reasoning in an attempt
to solve his case. 
"He was a pleasant man, extremely intelligent and  liked to live the good
life, knowing that being around money and power  meant also gaining vital
knowledge. Maybe in the long run this was his  downfall, but at heart, he was a good,
honest, hard working man  dedicated to his country and the FBI." 
But after helping O'Neill in the 1993 bombing  investigation, Parker's real
troubles began, first witnessing with her  foster daughter an illegal arms deal
going down at her neighbor's house  and then getting thrown in up to her neck
unexpectedly into the Boston  FBI corruption case and, if that wasn't enough,
simultaneous getting  embroiled into the dealings of the dangerous Irish mob
and its leader,  Whitey Bulger. 
"I was always interested in helping abused children  and decided to take on a
foster child, as my husband of 22 years, though  we are now divorced,
couldn't have children,. I met Patty and went about  the foster care procedures. She
had gone through incredible abuse with  her drug-trafficking family and was
living with me when we witnessed the  arms deal go down at Joe Lambert's house
as we were standing in our  horse pasture," said Parker, recalling that her
problems increased  substantially when she notified authorities, receiving no
help and  eventually, along with her daughter, becoming the victim of threats and
several near misses on her life. 
Although what followed involved many mysterious and  complicated details,
basically O'Neill tried to protect Parker  throughout the investigation while, at
the same time, trying to nab the  crooked FBI agents in the Boston bureau,
agents involved in illegal  dealings with the Irish mob and other known
"I found myself in the middle of drugs and violence  while still practicing
veterinary medicine and essentially John got  involved, coming to my rescue. It
was a web of criminality that went  deep and was hard to pinpoint, but I
remember John was always trying to  get me to testify but, at the same time,
trying to protect me and my  foster daughter from getting killed," said Parker,
adding during this  period in 1995 her personal life went through turmoil,
getting divorced,  placing her foster daughter back in foster care and moving to
where she  took another job as a veterinarian. 
"I was offered this great job with great pay in  Massachusetts that turned
out to be a come-on to get me involved with  illegal prescriptions sales and
money-laundering," said Parker. "When  things started to heat up, I started to
get violent calls threatening me  and my foster daughter who was back in the
Vermont foster care  program. 
"John got dragged into this whole mess and he said he  didn't like it one bit
since he was in direct conflict with the Boston  FBI. They didn't want him to
get too close. Then in 1997 John wanted me  to testify and put me in the
witness protection program .At the same  time, I started getting run off the road
in obvious murder attempts,  found out my horse pasture was set on fire back
in upstate New York and  also was being told my foster daughter's life was in
serious  danger." 
However, after 19 confidential informants were  mysteriously murdered during
the Boston FBI corruption case, sending  some agents to prison including the
Boston FBI Director, Parker  backed-off from testifying, fleeing with her horse
van and running for  her life cross country, finally settling in Tukwila, WA
near  Seattle. 
"I wanted out, plain and simple," said Parker. 
But several months after landing another veterinary  job, Parker again
started receiving threatening phone calls, wondering  if the nightmare she was
living on a daily basis would ever end. 
Then in January 1999, O'Neill turned up on her Seattle   doorstep again, this
time investigating the 2000 Millennium plot and the  LAX bombing threats. And
it was when O'Neill arrived that threats  started escalating further, as
frightening news came from the East Coast  that her foster daughter had been sold
to Shadrack by her brothers as a  drug payoff and two of the four eye-witnesses
to the upstate New York  illegal arm's shipment, Joe Lambert and his
daughter, Jessica, had been  brutally murdered. 
"My foster daughter and I were the other two witnesses  and I was totally
scared," said Parker. "She was now in the hands of  Shadrack, had a baby with him
and I heard two other girls recruited for  sex and put into that group's
hands were eventually found beheaded  before they had a chance to go to police." 
During this time, Parker was also accosted, threatened  and pushed into a
hallway wall outside her apartment by someone she  later identified as one of
Bulger's Irish mob street thugs. 
"Every time I went to the authorities, nobody helped  me," said Parker,
adding a lack of law enforcement cooperation turned  out to be a pattern throughout
her Al Qaeda investigations with O'Neill  and continuing even today. 
At present, the whereabouts of her foster daughter and  Shadrack are unknown,
her daughter essentially disappearing after her  trip in early September 2001
to Seattle . Parker also said the last time  she spoke with Shadrack was on or
about Sept. 8, 2001, when he tried to  encourage her to join his
"The whole key to this story that I am telling is that  John O'Neill may have
been able to do something good for America and  stop 9/11 and other terrorist
activity, but they shut him down. Plain  and simple that's what they did and
I am totally convinced of it," said  Parker. 
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Greg Szymanski