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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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9-11: The Great Illusion

By George Humphrey



"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

The Pentagon is one of the largest office buildings in the world and houses The Department of Defense. It sits on the Potomac River in Arlington , Virginia , directly across from Washington , D.C. The building is a traditional five‑sided pentagon, and has five concentric rings that are connected by passageways. Construction on the Pentagon was started in September of 1941, and it was finished in 1942, now more than 25,000 civilians and military personal work there.

Many historians believe that symbols are essential to the methodology of the Illuminati. Thus, it is interesting to note many believe that Washington D.C. was built upon a street grid that represents Masonic occult symbols when seen from above. It is also interesting that Webster's dictionary explains a pentacle as a magical occult emblem. Regardless of why the Department of Defense building was designed in such a way, we all know the Pentagon is supposedly the most protected building of the American armed forces. So, when we are told a known highjacked plane, that is three states to the west, makes a 180 degree turn back toward the Capitol, and is allowed to attack the military command center of the whole United States ‑ totally unmolested ‑ something just isn't right.


1. There are more cameras and surveillance equipment around the Washington D.C. area than any place in the world, so when the military releases only two pictures of the attack that don't even show the attacking plane, then . . . I would hope good people would start asking some very tough questions.

2. Supposedly, within fifteen minutes after the crash into the Pentagon, FBI agents were driving to local businesses and confiscating their surveillance cameras


3.According to the military, there were only two pieces of debris found from the plane - a very small and non-descript piece of machined metal and a piece of aluminum that is painted. The painting on the aluminum does not appear to match the emblems of an American Airlines jet and the aluminum appears to be thinner than the skin of a commercial jet. The obvious question is: where are the engines, the landing gear and other pieces of evidence that would have survived? A 757 jet, even after crashing and burning, would leave multiple pieces of recognizable wreckage. Where is the evidence?

4. There are multiple and contrasting `eye witness' accounts

      of what people saw, which is understandable. According

      to The Washington Post, "Steve Patterson, who lives in

      Pentagon City , said it appeared to him that a commuter jet

      swooped over Arlington National Cemetery and headed for

      the Pentagon . . . The plane, which appeared to hold about

      eight to twelve people . . . " If this eyewitness account is

      anywhere close to accurate, an objective investigator

      must consider whether this aircraft was a commercial

      jet, or whether it was a drone. It must be remembered:

      Flight 77 totally disappeared from the radar screen while

      it was headed west over Ohio no one claims to have seen

      the plane on its eastwardly return flight toward

      Washington NORAD does not appear to have scrambled

      any jets to investigate this flight until after it hit the

      Pentagon the aircraft accomplished a hard, low and fast

      270 degree banking turn and hit the Pentagon with dead­

      ly accurate precision and supposedly, this aircraft was

      a massive 757 commercial airliner . . . I don't think so!